Kyodo Truck

4-axis chassis complete large turning2011/11/09


There is a sight to behold to improve the performance of large swiveling tow equipment of Miller in recent years , but it has been a thing which can not be avoided an increase in unit weight with it . Large high-floor 4-axis long-awaited chassis was completed with the cooperation of Nissan Diesel -like order along to your expectations of your desired Century 1060S of state-of-the-art under slang expression front outrigger equipped , the 1075S type tow truck equipment . Engine that is used for the pole tractor chassis for pride 14.2 t 2 axis total allowable load before , the 22.0 tons after two axis total allowable load , to meet the tow driving performance very important wrecker further (450PS), transmission (H / L switch with 12 stages) , I ported the Defurensharu etc. . Trailer brake air piping are also included of course . To enter the bodywork of the device from now on completion is one and a very fun .