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Sanyu Truck


  • Q1 How much does it cost?

    The cost is uniform . I is based on the standard price list of Yamaguchi wrecker.

  • Q2 Late at night , can I support even early in the morning?

    Yes, you can Yamaguchi wrecker, will support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year . Please leave it in peace.

  • Q3 Service Staff Are You what ?

    The service staff of Yamaguchi wrecker , wrecker professional staff with many years of service has worked . It is a database service experienced staff that can support course work experience , also steep tow truck difficult situation and correspondence.

  • Q4 Is it also available far ?

    Yes, it is possible

  • Q5 Will you do me a favor , even if you punk

    Yes, you can support and first aid in the field so that it can be , it is equipped with the equipment that can be first aid to the tow truck wrecker of Yamaguchi.

  • Q6 Size okay to how much ?

    It is possible in principle be towing all vehicles , including heavy trucks and buses , the Rough Terrain Crane