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Sanyu Truck

Service guide

Roadside assistance service

Have you got in trouble with accidents and failures on the street?
Facing the scene immediately after receiving the contact us at Yamaguchi tow truck,
The car by the tow truck and first aid work quickly
Make the mobile work placement.
(Reception is open 24 hours a day.)

Holds a large tow truck of 70t, we have developed in Yamaguchi wrecker. It is also large wrecker heavy trucks, such as tractor.

  • Road Service
  • Road Service
  • Road Service
  • Road Service
  • Road Service
  • Replacement of flat tire
  • Jump up battery
  • First Aid of vehicle failure in the streets
  • Raising work
  • Automotive move
  • Accident post-processing
  • Vehicle forwarding
  • Wrecker towing
  • Large car-wrecker towing